"Homo homini lupus, or Man to Man Wolf"

This exhibition can be described by all rights as one of the most significant, as it shows the reality and rawness of human nature, as long as there are no social rules, it is possible to do violence on another person and it touches the very essence of human being and existence.

This is a unique and one-of-a-kind exhibition of historical torture instruments of torture law and witchcraft. The exhibition shows torture law and includes exhibits from 500 B.C. until the 20th century. It is the most extensive exhibition of its kind in the world, containing over 200 exhibits and instruments that cause physical pain and suffering. Tools for pulling, tearing, cutting, burning and stabbing. Everything what can cause pain and what the executor is able to do and perform on a person.

These exhibits are mostly originals, which were actually used at torture and are accompanied by period pictures and explanatory texts. The collection includes exhibits from all over Europe and shows the gradual development, ingenuity and horrors of torture.

"The exhibition of torture shows the darkest side of human history, however it is part of our history and it can’t be unseen and we can’t pretend it did not exist........"
                                                          Robert Pospíchal, curator of the exhibition
Basic information

The original executioner's sword is now on display in the museum.

For the maximum experience of the exhibition, the visit can take up to an hour.

The largest private exhibition of its kind in the world,  with over 200 exhibits and instruments.

Most of the exhibits are preserved originals on which torture was performed.

The tour is individual, it is not provided by the guided method.
Entrance to the museum is not barrier-free.

Entry with animals is only possible in a portable box or bag.

Admission - you can pay in our Museum

General 140,- CZK / 6,5€

Discounted (ZTP, Students, Seniors) 100,- CZK / 4,5€

Groups (at least 20 people) discount 10% of general price

Children 6 - 10 years old for 30,- CZK / 1,5€
(Adult person/parent required, max. 3 childrens PP)

We donate the proceeds from the children's entrance fee to charity.

Opening hours

Sa - Su         
11:00 - 16:30

April and October
         10:30 - 17:00
Fr -Su        10:00 - 18:00

May - September
         10:00 - 18:00

Sa - Su         
11:00 - 16:30

Dear visitors, the exhibition is really extensive and for the full experience we highly recommend not going right before closing time. This measure will allow you to view the exhibition in peace.

In Public holidays we are open!!! 10:00 - 18:00

Right to change reserved

Visiting instructions
How to get to us?

GPS: 48°47'54"N 16°48'02"E

The museum is located in the newly accessible part of the historical cellar in Lednice, South Moravia, Cihlářská street (behind the Štork hotel). Here, on an area of 300m2, other new exhibits were installed.

A historical torture chamber is also located in these premises. This used to be former wine cellar.

Refreshments are also available for museum visitors, including pleasant seating, and there is a public children's playground right in front of the museum for the little ones.
Parking and accessibility

For motorized tourists, there are plenty of parking options right in the village of Lednice in several reserved parking lots. All parking lots are a few minutes walk away.

The largest parking lot is approx. 7 minutes away walking and we are about 5 min. from the castle park.

A limited number of visitors can park a motorcycle directly in front of the museum.

The main train station is located here, but the closest you can get to by train is Břeclav City, and then you have to choose another method of transport, such as a bus. The bus station is 4 minutes away from us.

For cyclists, there are plenty of places to leave their bikes directly in front of the museum.

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