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Historical Exhibitions, is a museum society that, according to Act No. 122/2000 Coll., collects written and tangible exhibits, mainly of the European history. We expand, permanently store, record and professionally maintain these collection funds, with the aim of preserving them for future generations and making them available to the public in permanent exposition and exhibitions, for study or research purposes. We also deal with the creation of replicas and copies of historical exhibits that have not been preserved to this day and that played an important role in the history of humankind. All our activities are carried out with a professional and qualified approach, with the aim of preserving cultural and historical values.
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muzeum mucicich nastroju
muzeum mučicích nástrojů
Museum Torture

Dear visitors, we draw your attention to our opening hours, which are until 7:00 p.m. every day, but we let the last possible visitors into the underground at 6:00 p.m. at the latest!!! The exposition is really extensive and this measure will allow you to view it in peace.
Torture helps children
Although we are a museum of torture instruments, we also try to help outside of torture. That is why in 2016 we launched a project called "FROM THE CHILDREN FOR THE CHILDREN", the aim of which is to help children. Our museum donates the proceeds from children's admission to selected children, either for compensatory aids or for education.
Thanks to this project, it was possible to conclude cooperation with the KOMETA BRNO foundation fund, through which a family will be selected to whom this proceeds will go. In previous years, children's admission was free with us, but we thought it was more interesting to help where it is needed for a symbolic 10 crowns, especially for children who cannot decide their own fate and are dependent on the help of others.

We wish that this project will be successful and that there will be as many children as possible who will be helped by the project.                                                           
Museum Torture - Torture instruments of the middle ages
Dear Martyrs,
after the forced closure of the museum in Brno, due to fire safety and other official problems, when it was not possible to resolve the situation and continue to operate the museum, we were forced to move the exhibition.
The exhibition is now located in the historic cellar in Lednice, South Moravia, a short distance from the castle, behind the Štork hotel, in Cihlářská street. Installation is currently underway and from 6 April 2019, the museum will be open to visitors again.

We look forward to your visit.

Museum Torture - After a longer break, we are reopened in the Lednice-Valtice area.
Dear visitors, explorers, supporters of history.

We are open again from Saturday 12 March 2022. We have added few new and interesting exhibits, which (however) are of a torturous nature. Entry is individual, i.e. unlimited, the tour is not limited by time because each visitor has different, how to say "imagination". According to government regulations, a Covid test is not required...
More than 250 period exhibits (70% originals) are waiting for you, from thumbscrews to executioner's swords to massive tension racks... The exhibition is enriched with a visual concept of each instrument, so the visitor will have a really detailed overview of how the torture took place. We are still located in the Lednice-Valtice area not far from the Lednice castle in Cihlářská street, just follow the signs and pointers that will lead you straight to us.

We look forward to your visit.


The largest exhibition of torture instruments in the world, including over 250 exhibits of all kinds, from burning brands, to executioner's swords, masks, to terrible breaking wheels, impaling hooks, racks, a raging bull, a cauldron for cooking people and much more only here.

The most famous holy relic in the history of humankind, which for centuries has divided humanity into several groups, some of which believe in its authenticity and recognize it as Christ himself, while others label it as a successful product of one of the painters, or a step by the church itself to establishing trust in Christ.

Exhibition for 2016 - Kroměříž Castle CZE
On Friday, March 18, 2016 at 11 a.m., an exhibition of a copy of the Shroud of Turin at the Archbishop's Castle in Kroměříž will be opened with a ceremonial opening.

Shroud of Turin (so-called Sindone di Torino) - the burial shroud in which Jesus Christ was wrapped after death, is the most sacred Christian relic. It is the only faithful copy of the Shroud of Turin in the world, which is made by an international team of experts exactly according to the original and woven using the same method as the original burial shroud.
The exhibition will last at the Archbishop's Castle in Kroměříž throughout the 2016 visitor season.                                                                                                             
Exhibition for 2019 - Bojnice Castle SK
The Slovak National Museum-Museum Bojnice will open to the public a unique exhibition entitled Shroud of Turin and the Shroud of Oviedo in the chapel of Bojnice Castle from May 23.

The exhibition will present a unique copy of the Shroud of Turin, one of the most revered relics ever. The only copy in the world that was made exactly according to the original, which is located in Turin. The work on the production of the copy lasted almost 5 years. In the end, several dozen people, including experts from universities, worked on the production itself.